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Peer Review : Memorandum of Understanding

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This Memorandum of Understanding is between all schools in the

Tiptree and Stanway Primary Schools Consortium


This agreement is underpinned by the shared professional moral responsibility of all Consortium members who undertake to work collaboratively to support school improvement across all schools named in this Memorandum of Understanding.


  • All members of the Consortium will have shared responsibility for the schools and young people across the Consortium and are expected to act swiftly and responsibly if there are indications that any school requires support
  • In cases where schools are experiencing difficulties, the relevant Consortium Collaborative Group will work together to resolve the difficulties, drawing on the resources of the Consortium Management Group and wider Consortium community
  • All schools will undertake to report back to their respective governing bodies as appropriate
  • The Consortium Management Group will be responsible for ensuring the above processes take place
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  • All members of the Consortium are expected to play an active role in all processes as agreed in this Memorandum of Understanding
  • All members of the Consortium will undertake to ensure that they attend all Consortium Peer Review meetings unless there is an unavoidable reason to prevent this
  • All members of the Consortium will engage fully with the Peer Review Programme
  • All members of the Consortium will work together in a spirit of mutual trust and openness with a willingness to share and learn together


  • The Consortium Collaborative Working Group will have a nominated Peer Review Lead who will be responsible for ensuring that all members within the group participate in all aspects of the Peer Review Programme and will act as the main point of communication with the Management Group
  • The name of the Peer Review Leads for the academic year 2017-18 are:

    Collaborative Group 1: Carl Messer

    Collaborative Group 2: Kate Moore

    Collaborative Group 3: Trish Wilkie

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Ways of Working

  • All schools will work in a professional, confidential and mutually respectful manner towards each other
  • Conversations should be honest, courageous and supportive of partnership and system-wide improvement
  • Reviewers will challenge and support in a professional and robust manner; and
  • The model is underpinned by coaching models and therefore coaching methods should be adopted during peer review and partnership processes

Data Sharing

  • In order to facilitate effective school and system improvement, all schools within the Consortium agree to share their school-based data including FFT and RAISE, with the proviso that any information that would not normally be in the public domain remains confidential to Consortium members
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Annual Priorities

  • The Consortium Management Group will develop together a set of annual improvement priorities
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