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What is the Management Group?

The management group meets regularly to steer the consortium forwards along a path agreed by the full member schools.

  • How is membership of the Management Group determined?

    The Management Group consists of six members, two from each of the three collaborative groups.

  • What is the length of service that you commit to on the Management Group?

    Most members commit for a two year period. The first year would be as a fully participating member of the team, and the second potentially as chair or vice chair of the consortium.

  • How are members selected for the Management Group?

    Three members normally roll over from the previous year, and fill leadership posts. Three additional members are chosen from the collaborative groups, with each group responsible for selecting their representative.

  • What is the Management Group membership for 2018?

    Nicky Sirett : Group 2 : Chair

    David Bome : Group 3 : Vice Chair

    Carl Messer : Group 1 : Vice Chair

    TBC : Group 3

    TBC : Group 1

    TBC : Group 2

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