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The Consortium shall be known as the Tiptree and Stanway Primary Schools’ Consortium.


  1. Membership is open, by application to the Management Group, to schools with primary aged children in the Colchester and surrounding area, which can make a commitment to the principles and aims of the consortium.  The maximum number of full member schools is 16.  Applications from other schools to be associate members will be considered but the maximum number of associate member schools is 8.  A full member may change to associate status, provided the complement of full members is maintained. The Consortium will not exceed 24 schools in any capacity.
  2. Membership will automatically be renewed from the beginning of each financial year commencing 1st April. Written notice to leave must be received by the preceding 30th September to commence with effect from the following financial year.
  3. Schools withdrawing from the Consortium will, nevertheless, be required to honour any unexpired joint Consortium contracts to which they are a party.
  4. Schools that withdraw from the Consortium will still carry any potential liability for future redundancy costs of Consortium Staff, should this occur, for a period of 2 years from the September that written notice is received.
  5. The agreement of the majority of existing member schools is required for the inclusion of a new school to the Tiptree and Stanway Primary Schools Consortium (see 7.1).
  6. Conditions of associate membership are:
  • A cost to each school of 50% of annual fees paid by full members.
  • Involvement of all consortium activities with the exception of financial support from the consortium finance manager
  • A maximum of three Associate Members to be on the Management Group at any given time.
  • Associate Headteachers will be eligible to take the Chair but during a vote on any financial issue, the Chair’s casting vote will normally be delegated to a full member in their second year on the Management Group.
  • Associate Headteachers will not be entitled to vote on financial issues affecting full members only.

First refusal for full membership will be in the order that Associate Schools joined the Consortium.

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  1. To respond to future challenges, developments and opportunities together.
  2. To accept joint responsibility for the education and welfare of the children in our schools by supporting each other in providing high academic standards, a place for children to learn & thrive and where Headteachers feel supported; minimising a school’s risk of low achievement.  
  3. To provide an induction process for new Headteachers.
  4. To benefit from combined expertise, knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and experience – both formally through the Consortium Peer Reviews and informally.
  5. To provide joint training/functions as a Consortium or as a cluster within the Consortium as required
  6. To provide economies of scale when purchasing services etc.
  7. To have forums for discussion about common issues.
  8. To retain the services of a Business & Finance Manager, Support Manager and Administration Assistant who know our schools well and act on our behalf.

Committees and Officers

  1. Election of one officer for the Management Group shall be made on an annual basis at the January Full Group meeting from each of the three Collaborative Working Groups. Each Headteacher will serve for 2 years.
  2. At the first management meeting held in March, and on a biennial basis, a Chairperson will be appointed to stand for a maximum of two years from the 3 members in their 2nd year.
  3. Of the two members elected from each Collaborative Working Group, one must be a Full Group Member
  4. Each school will be represented by the Headteacher only.  This group will meet twice a term, or as and when necessary and appropriate.
  5. The Management Group will comprise a minimum of 10 members – to include the Business & Finance Manager, Support Manager plus 8 Head Teachers.  The Management Group will meet each half term.
  6. The quorum will be 7 members, which should include the Business & Finance Manager and Support Manager.
  7. Working groups may be appointed from time to time by the Management Group to give provisional consideration to specific issues.
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  1. There will be one full Headteachers’ meeting each term, at which each school is required to be represented. 
  2. It is a requirement of schools to demonstrate their commitment to the Consortium by attending the termly meeting, which will be held on the third Wednesday of each term, and to strengthen this commitment by participating in Collaborative Group meetings and events as agreed.
  3. In the event that a Headteacher is unable to attend a Full Meeting of the Consortium, a representative will be sent on her/his behalf. The Management Group will discuss non-attendance during Management Group meetings and should a school not be represented for the entire day at two consecutive meetings, a letter of concern may be sent to the Headteacher and Governing body for further clarification.
  4. In the event that a school is not represented for three consecutive Full Meetings, the Headteacher and Governing Body will be requested to indicate in writing, by the next Full Meeting, whether the school wishes to remain a member of the Consortium.

    If the school wishes to remain in the Consortium, then representation must be made at the next three Full Meetings or membership will be forfeited and no monies returned. If the school wishes to withdraw their membership, this should be signified in writing, (in accordance with Item 2 ii) and membership will cease at the end of the financial year.

  5. The Management Group and the Support Manager will be responsible for the day to day running of the Consortium between meetings.


  1. Decisions cannot be taken at Full Group meetings unless half the member schools, plus one, are represented.
  2. Where decisions relating to contracts need to be taken, at least 60% of those schools involved in that contract should be represented.
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  1. Each school will have one vote and any question under consideration will be decided by a majority of those members present and voting.
  2. Member schools unable to attend may submit written representation of an agenda item to the Support Manager or Chair, which must be received at least 48 hours prior to circulation of an agenda.


  1. An agenda will be sent out at least 7 days prior to a meeting. Minutes will be submitted to the Chair for approval within 14 days following the meeting.
  2.  Items arising under ‘Any Other Business’ should be discussed with the Chair of the Consortium or Support Manager at least 48 hours before the meeting.
  3. Minutes of Support and Management Group meetings will be distributed to all Head Teachers
  4. The Support Manager will circulate minutes of Headteachers’ meetings as soon as possible after the meeting.
  5. The Consortium website will be a key platform for sharing of information.
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Each full member school will contribute on an equal basis towards the cost of the Consortium.  Associate member schools will contribute 50% of the full member cost.  Additional charges may be incurred according to each school’s commitment to various initiatives.

A lump sum is held to assist towards covering any future potential redundancy costs.   


If a school withdraws from the Consortium, they shall relinquish any rights to any joint purchases made by the Consortium.

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  1. Any consortium contracts will be let in the name of Essex County Council.
  2. The Management Group will act as the managing agent for the operation of any Consortium contracts.


  1. The Employing School shall offer Consortium Staff a contract of employment with the Employing School.
  2. If the Employing School opts out of the Local Authority, then members of the Management Group will review this situation.
  3. Employees of the Consortium, via their contract issued by the Employing school, are automatically employees of the Local Authority and as such are entitled to the same terms and conditions as all Support Staff on Local Government Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Management Group will provide job descriptions and monitor the work of any people employed for the Consortium. Two members of the Management Group, as agreed, will manage line-management and well-being responsibilities.
  5. In the event that the member schools elect to make an employee’s post redundant the Local Authority procedures for this process will apply. Any cost incurred in the process, i.e. Clerking of Meetings will be chargeable to Consortium funds. Any redundancy costs not covered by the Authority or the Consortium contingency, (see item 10, Finance) will be recoverable from member schools by the Employing School, by way of a formula agreed by member schools.
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All press releases issued on behalf of the Consortium must be ratified by at least 2 members of the Management Group.

Changes to the Constitition

Changes to the Constitution will be ratified at the next Full Meeting based on the recommendations of the Management Group after consultation and approval by 60% of all member schools.

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Governing Bodies

Nothing in this Constitution negates the right of individual Governing Bodies, acting under their Instrument and Articles of Government, to determine their own affairs.


If the Management Group recommends proposing the dissolution of the Consortium, it shall convene a special meeting of all member schools giving not less than 30 days’ notice.  If a simple majority of schools represented agrees, the Consortium shall be dissolved.  If the meeting is inquorate a further meeting shall be convened not less than 30 days after the first.  If that second meeting is inquorate, the Consortium shall be deemed to be dissolved.  Any assets shall be shared between member

If the Management Group recommends proposing the dissolution of the Consortium, it shall convene a special meeting of all member schools giving not less than 30 days’ notice.  If a simple majority of schools represented agrees, the Consortium shall be dissolved.  If the meeting is inquorate a further meeting shall be convened not less than 30 days after the first.  If that second meeting is inquorate, the Consortium shall be deemed to be dissolved.  Any assets shall be shared between member schools as determined by the Management Group.



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